26. Juni 2001 Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Aus Rockinberlin
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26. Juni 2001
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
aus Privatsammlung Detlef Lu
aus Privatsammlung Detlef Lu
Ort Waldbühne
Uhrzeit 18:30
Eintrittspreis 71,- DM
Veranstalter Marek Lieberberg /
Concert concept
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Vorgruppe The Black Crowes
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
The Black Crowes
Plakat © unknown

Erinnerungen von "Sydowski"

Support: The Black Crowes. Stellten ihr Album "Lions" vor.
Setlist Neil Young: Don't Cry No Tears; I've Been Waiting For You; Love And Only Love; Piece Of Crap; Going Home; Hold You In My Arms; From Hank To Hendrix; Don'T Let It Bring You Down; Pocahontas; After The Gold Rush; Only Love Can Break Your Heart; Standing In The Light Of Love; Gateway Of Love; Hey Hey, My My; Powderfinger; Like A Hurricane; Cortez The Killer; Cinnamon Girl; Fuckin' Up
Klasse Wetter, klasse Konzert.