6. Dezember 1984 Billy Bragg, Troy Tate

Aus Rockinberlin
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6. Dezember 1984 Billy Bragg, Troy Tate
Ort Loft
Billy Bragg & Band
Troy Tate
Billy Bragg & Band

Erinnerungen von "Sydowski"

Fear Is A Man's Best Friend; The Busy Girl Buys Beauty; From A Vauxhall Velox; Strange Things Happen; Man In The Iron Mask; Richard; Like Soldiers Do; World Turned Upside Down; A Lover Sings; It Says Here; Island Of No Return; Milkman Of Human Kindness; Which Side Are You On?; A New England; Between The Wars; To Have And To Have Not; Lovers Town Revisited; Train Train; Garageland