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Der aus Massachusetts stammende Singer-Songwriter lebt seit den frühen 70ern in Berlin und war fester Bestandteil der Folk-Szene (Go-In, Steve Club). Unter dem Titel Berlin years - vol. I + vol. II gab er 2015 + 2018 eigene Berlin-bezogene CDs heraus.

Berliner Konzerte mit Tom Cunningham

Veranstaltung Ort
12. November 1975 Rock Session Joey Albrecht, Tom Cunningham Quasimodo
10. Oktober 1979 Tom Cunningham Kant-Kino
11. Juni 1983 Tom Cunningham & the Broadcasters Jazzkeller
16. Februar 2008 Tom Cunningham Tempodrom kleine Arena
30. Oktober 2010 Tom Cunningham Tempodrom
21. Januar 1989 Engerling, Young Power Big Band, Tom Cunningham & Crew Palast der Republik, Großer Saal
28. Oktober 1981 Mother’s Finest Neue Welt


Diskografie (Auswahl, mehr auf Discogs (engl.))

Datum Titel Cover Inhalt
1978 Single S225.jpg Seite A: Baby don't you cry - Seite B: Thank you Man, for playing that Song Tonight
1978 Have A Little Faith In The Kid, Toledo INT 162.501 Lp064.jpg Baby Don't you cry - Oh Jesus - Midnight Samba - The Actor - Thank you Man, for playing that Song Tonight - Don't come crying to me - Eventuality - I play the Fool - Inspiration - Have a little Faith in the Kid
1979 Comin' Back For More, Toledo INT 147.510 Lp063.jpg Rock'n'Roll across the Sea - Television Western - Fishnet Stockings - Comin' back for More - Drive me to Extremes - Andrea - Somewhere Down the Road - The last Goodbye - Out on the Edge of Town - About 55 with a Man's Hairstyle
1983 Tom Cunningham & The Broadcasters: Germany,

Talent 2372 166

?? Engine Trouble - Germany - Falling in Love with a Machine - I can't cry anymore - French Postcards - Do it Tonight - You'll come back - Like it or not - Giving you up - Silicone Soldier
1983 Single (Tom Cunningham & The Broadcasters) S226.jpg Seite A: Germany - Seite B: Falling in Love with a Machine
1996 Hagelberger Street - Americans In Berlin CD, Sampler Hagelberger Street.jpg Track 1: WAYNE GRAJEDA: Number 17 Stay-True-Street; Track 2: JESSE BALLARD: Livin' outside the Law; Track 3: TOM CUNNINGHAM: Hagelberger Street; Track 4: FRANCIS SERAFINI: Ramblin' Shoes; Track 5: BOB WILLIAMS: Ruby and Bill; Track 6: JOHN VAUGHN: Me and Whiskey; Track 7: JIM WHITTEMORE: Let it ride; Track 8: WAYNE GRAJEDA: What am I doing; Track 9: TOM CUNNINGHAM: Kalimera my Friend; Track 10: JESSE BALLARD: Is all the Magic gone; Track 11: FRANCIS SERAFINI: Trippin' down your Alley; Track 12: JOHN VAUGHN: Sundown Walker; Track 13: BOB WILLIAMS: Infrequently; Track 14: WAYNE GRAJEDA: A Thousand Things; Track 15: JESSE BALLARD: Gypsy Night;Track 16: TOM CUNNINGHAM: Ain't no Hustler; Track 17: WAYNE GRAJEDA: Wouldn't it be so nice; Track 18: -"we don't want to hold the Note forever"-; Track 19: ALL: Ira Lee (in memoriam T.M. Fabian)